Representative greetings

 At the time of the establishment of a business, I ran only the real estate business, but I assume real estate business strength and develop much business now.
 I was able to provide the house of many people when I look back on the past ten years.
 In addiction,not only I offer hardware to get the best satisfaction of the customer, but also feel it when it is necessary to suggest the software which is a lifestyle of good quality.And I challenge new business to make the strong management culture which does not depend on the recession.
 We have one of the corporate philosophy "It develops with a community while following environment".
 For example,We run rent-a-car business, and it is the thing that is very good for environment to share a car with others.And I can donate the foot of the local person.
 It is not easy to let establish business and environment, but I will challenge it in future.

Representative director Kumiko Fujimoto