Corporate Philosophy

We enrich culture and the economy of the community.Therefore profit is necessary.
Stable corporate management
We perform stable corporate management for securing of damage compensation to a customer and for secure life of the employee.
Security, Relief
With a group company, I plan thorough security so that security of the enforcement.
Teamwork and realization of the job satisfaction
We show autonomy and spontaneity, and aim at the company where an employee and the family can have pride and dream.
Gentlemanly complaint handling
We face each other from the front without getting away from the claim of a customer and handle it appropriately.
Communication , Coexistence and co-prosperity
We perform communication with a customer , local community , a business partner , a colleague and implement each other's coexistence and co-prosperity.
Protection of personal information
I carry out a policy about the handling of personal information and customer information and make an effort for appropriate management and protection.
Disgraceful affair correspondence of the company
If when a disgraceful affair was caused,I clarify the posture that the management top solves the problem.And I get united at the whole company and investigate the cause and make an effort for prevention of recurrence.
We aim for the forefront of real estate industry.
We study it every day to offer a product and service of the world tip.
We recognize each other's differences and act in the viewpoint of global standards.
Improvement of the quality and stable service for the customers
We try for practice of the appropriate employment and improvement of the mind and do the service to a visitor appropriately.
AIROSE group permance design
We continue growing up and build the system which can last long. In addition, We aim at the traditional company to win many fans.